Here you will find all the information regarding shipments. We will try to be as exhaustive as possible with info, so that you know at every moment what to expect.


There are a few most frequently used shipment vendors, and their availability determines the total shipping time.
UPS – Well known express shipment service. It is globally present but disproportionately expensive.
EMS – Less expensive but fairly fast and reliable delivery service
RMS – The least expensive, but 3-4 days slower than EMS. Reliable but slow

Whenever possible we will use EMS delivery service, it’s a default for us. If there are any extenuating circumstances dictating otherwise, we will let you know which shipping service we utilized and if you should expect any delay.


Normal (EMS) shipping is calculated into the price of the package and can’t be removed/modified or otherwise changed.


Under ordinary circumstances, it takes us 6 to 24 hours to send out your package, depending on the day of the ween, and time of the day you made your order.
From the moment of dispatch, it usually takes EMS system 6-12 hours to update tracking on their side.
The shipping itself takes anywhere between 6 and 14 days. Usually it is 8 to 10 days, but we have to state maximum and minimum shipping times.


!!! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT !!! If the package is not delivered to your address, we will reship it for free. We can’t be responsible for mistakes you make in typing delivery address. Please be very careful and double-check everything before you make your order.


For the most part there is tolerance and modafinil tablets are cleared for purchase without a prescription.
In some countries like Thailand, modafinil is completely legal and no prescriptions are needed, nor limitations are put up.
In other countries, authorities require MD’s perscription with patient’s diagnosis and determined dosages to buy modafinil online.
Therefore, we leave it up to you to check your local laws pertaining to buying modafinil at an online vendor.
Please be informed of your legal rules and regulations, as well as prescribed dosages.